Nose Bleeds due to Dry Sinuses

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Warndalyn, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    Do any of my fellow allergy/sinus sufferers on here deal w/bloody noses? Particular bloody sinuses, meaning each time you blow or wipe your nose it's bleeding...normally due to dryness.

    My nose has been bleeding for over a week now...I wonder if I should ask the doctor about it. Maybe I need a humidifier in my room or something. :sick:
  2. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member

    YES LORD!!! My noise is so drainny(sp)...I can't even blow my noise without a nose bleed. What I do is, and I know it sounds nasty is stick some tissue in my nose and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Pull it out and I can breath. But it's gets back stuffy. so it's a repeat..better than bleeding you know.

  3. SLT

    SLT Active Member

  4. JagGrad

    JagGrad Well-Known Member

    I know the feelin folx....I really dont remember not ever having a runny nose.........
    Hell in the morning I dont need an Alarm Clock.........Hell I just wake up sneezing and blowing my nose....that's an unwanted ritual every morning......:bawling:
  5. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    Plus, my sinuses drain backwards, down my throat.....:sick: :smh:
  6. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member that coughing and spitting up HITS like it ain't funny. LOL..this happend to me yesterday. A cop pulled me over about my tint and while he was talking I spit up something awful. DSN got a little frightened cause the cop popped his hand on his gun. I was that HITS alive that I spit up....
  7. Da_Sperm

    Da_Sperm New Member

    Humidifier (msp) is what works for me.
  8. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    I have that problem too, SLT...I can't seem to keep my throat clear. Sperm, I believe I need to invest in one.
  9. Incipience

    Incipience Virtus Omnia Nobilitat

    Mine too SLT....I always get sinus infections because of it.
  10. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    YEs....and not only sinus infections, but mine also drains down into my lungs and make me cough. I then have to go to the doctor to get a cough syrup with a narcotic to get it to stop! :smh:
  11. pv_symbiotic

    pv_symbiotic Ghetto Bourgeois

    Dallas is two things in the summer: Hot and humid. A humidifier will only increase the air from 65% humidity to 85%.

    You should consider going to the doctor.
  12. Quietstorm

    Quietstorm memba2change4thabetta

    My doctor prescribes Nasonex for me, it keeps the nose dry fluids and blood!
  13. Da_Sperm

    Da_Sperm New Member

    Nose bleeds occur most when the air is DRY. I had a problem with nose bleeds all my life until my neighbor (A alum of SU who spent 3 years in Med School in NYC) told me due to dry air and a humidifier would do. If you are, well were like me, your nose bleeds occurred inside your house or job, not outside (where it is HUMID).

    It has worked well for both my son and myself.
  14. Quietstorm

    Quietstorm memba2change4thabetta

    I agree, although I have not used one a while humidifiers usually makes me breath alot easier. That might be do more to allergies than sinuses

    MACBFAC No Mulligans!!

    Get that Alegra D
  16. Dr. Sweet NUPE

    Dr. Sweet NUPE New Member

    That dried me up so much that my fluid turned to a cold...and my chest was all dry.
  17. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    QT, my doctor prescribed the Nasonex for me too...I have that, I just don't use it everyday...maybe I need to start. :uhoh:

    That's very true, Sperm. :tup:

    MACBFAC, that Allegra doesn't work for system only works w/the Zyrtec products. Trust me honey, my doctor has prescribed it all....:D

    My allergies have actually gotten better, since I've been getting the weekly injections, I'm just suffering w/this dry, bloody nose.

    Thanks, y'all!
  18. Quietstorm

    Quietstorm memba2change4thabetta

    I don't use everyday either, just when needed. After, a few days I am usually str8t for a while

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