National Signing Day 2021

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Ok, what do this mean?

What I'm talking about is the numbers behind their names in parentheses. The composite rating?

So here's the breakdown
5 star recruits are rated (98-110)
4 star recruits are rated (90- 97)
3 star recruits are rated (80- 89) and so forth

The number you see is the composite rating of that player from all of the recruiting sites like espn, rivals etc. 247 takes the rating from each site, add those up, and gives the average composite rating. That's the average rating reflected behind each players name. Whatever that average ends up being will define whether the player is a 3, 4, or 5 star by their site.

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Who besides JSU signed a lot during early signing?

Where these lists at? Yall bucking tradition! Maybe yall will post it tomorrow! lol

A&T signed 9 in Early signing period. Ended up with 17.

HBCU Gameday says #2 HBCU class behind JSU

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