Mississippi Valley State vs Prairie View A&M Game Updates: 2:00pm CT

I don't understand what valley OC is doing. They are keying in on the rpo... a play action intermediate throw would help.

All the years I’ve sat at Valley games, I’d see so much talent, so much hidden, over-looked talent. I remember so many of our games where we’d barely get by Valley’s defense. I remember how their wide-outs would wear our secondary out; I remember in particular a wide-out (I think his name was Paul Walker #84 or #86).

I can’t dismiss all the near misses we had with Valley; I can’t dismiss the scares they gave a few of our schools, or the outright upsets of some. And now, this year, this season, the CONCEPT of Valley being taken seriously as a noteworthy, serious threat has now become a REALITY.

I’ve been dreading this day for years, but seeing as me & my boys fit the category, I’ve always cheered for the underdog! CONGRATULATIONS MVSU!!!! Statement made, statement well-received!!! Damn good way to end the season!

I'm stunned. Congratulations valley on a very significant win. You guys are writing your own narrative and demanding respect, not pity, this season. If you can take just a few seconds to consider this offer it might help both teams. We (the mighty mafia) are willing to send running back 1b, a 3 star wr, and 250 tiger bucks for caleb johnson and an offensive lineman. Thanks!
Told y’all valley was gone catch someone slipping just glad we crawled out of their with a win.. congratulations valley!