Macy goes naked for AIDS charity


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I also saw this in Sunday's Houston Chronicle.

Since this is in London, the FCC's Michael Powell should not have to say anything.

Macy goes naked for AIDS charity

Singer Macy Gray has promised to perform naked to raise money for for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.



It is the second article on the web page.


Singer Macy Gray will shock fans at her gig on Monday by taking to the stage in the nude -- to raise money for charity.

The star has vowed to wear nothing but a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes at her London concert to bolster the Elton John AIDS Foundation's bank account.



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Err EB,

Point of clarity ... Are we talking about this Macy Gray? Is the idea to give money to see her naked or to keep her from getting naked? (LOL)


Macy Gray

Well, ... I guess it's a good cause.


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If the sight of Macy Gray doesn't make guys want to wear a condom (or make them suffer from E.D.), then nothing will.


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I just wonder how long she'll perform.... Will she do one song nekkid, then go change? Or will she do a whole set bucked-nekkid.......

Oh yeah, does she have a set's worth of music to perform??????



Ion know now. The way she looking in dat first pic I'd do her up!

But if she gonna look anything like she did in Training Day then I'll pass.

Even if she was looking good I'd have to gag her with a sock or something so I couldn't hear her voice.