MACH you played definitely at the wrong time,I thought GSU dancers were so ugly they

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Mr. Hatedandloved

Dr. Lidell: Aight Maguda, made it through another week, huh.
Dr. Magruder: Yea Doc we handled them with no problem. You thought of anythign for next week yet Doc.
Dr. Lidell: Yea, i decided that we gone do the wiggle, into the modified-wiggle into dance block.
Dr. Magruder: Sounds like a plan Doc.
Dr. Lidell: I know. Hekikikiheheh *country laugh*


The Artist

"Come on! Drive. You Gotta work it!
Doc Lidell promised that he would let us be the baton twirlers next year if we execute our p-popping perfectly."



King of the FUNK

AWWW SSHHHHYYYTTTT!!!!!!!!!!Somebody help me up. I pretended to split, but I actually fell. I hurt my whole left side. I'm sewing FAMU if I can't have no kids.

DM on right: Boy, didn't I tell you that the flag boys were mine?


Flagship of the Delta
if there was an award for "Damn fools of the year"...yall would get it....:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
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