Living in My Car | Homeless in California


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Hell naw!!!! My wife a nurse practitioner this woman living in her car.

I think, she is lying about sleeping in her car. I know, living on the coast is expensive. But, It's some other viable options in California.

One day, I drove Bakersfield to Sacramento. No lie, under every bridge and viaduct. It's a homeless encampment.

Seattle and Portland are just as worse.


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It's been said time and time again a woman is born with a money maker and should never be broke and this one is fairly attractive so she should not be homeless.


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I think her problem is she is determined to be in Cali, she says she has a job, so I bet if she lived somewhere else she wouldn't have to live in her car. Crazy you would post this because this video popped up on my youtube last night

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I watched an A&E Special and there were people who paid monthly for a parking space and they lived in their cars. One dude joined a 24 hour gym across the street from where he paid for parking. He had access to a shower etc…he and this chick he is dating both live in their cars.