Let's Compare The Firing Of Melvin Spears and Bobby Petrino....Just FYI.

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    When Petrino got into that motorcycle accident and it came out he was having an affair TO THE MEDIA, how long did it take Arkansas to fire him?

    Now compare Petrino's firing WITH CAUSE to Spears' firing WITH CAUSE. It was out at least TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE CAPITAL CITY CLASSIC that THE MEDIA leaked that Spears may be gone by the end of the year.

    Yet, how in the hell did we just now fire him in late February. It is April 13, 2012 and we are still looking for a coach.

    Alcorn, we need to learn the business of Football. Somethings must be establish AT A CERTAIN TIME FRAME JUST TO GIVE YOURSELF A SHOT at a Championship.

    Putting a new coach behind the 8-Eight Ball already is NOT A GOOD LOOK. Doug got hired in March 2011 at Grambling and Grambling fielded a halfway decent team to go to the SWAC Championship. However, Doug got somewhat of a pass because Doug is Doug.

    The only coach I see that may can pull off something similar at this point is Pete. I still advocate for Pete Richardson to be the next Head Football Coach of Alcorn State University.

    BTW, this "new" Alcorn I'm hearing about............their azzes are most definitely on the clock from here on out :mad:. I'm Done.
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    Alcorn needs to move to the SIAC. :lol: :emlaugh:
    You all can take Valley so you will have an instate rivalry. :lol: :emlaugh:
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    and BH, what' this new about Alcorn you speak of? The AD? Or the President?
    Give them time to hire a head coach. Let them take as much time as possible so they can make the right hire, otherwise they'll hire someone who's only going to stick around for 8months
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    If Alcorn hurry up and cancel the 2012 season perhaps we can pick up another non conference game. :lol: :emlaugh:
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    That's Cold J LOL.
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    I like little ole Alcorn but they have made it real hard to feel sorry for them.:shame:
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    Perhaps this is a good time to merge Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Alcorn's football programs to help the state of Mississippi be competitive in the SEC West. :lol: :emlaugh:
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    Losing teams with issues cracking on losing teams with issues. Where they do that at?
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    Seriously Braveheart.....seriously?!?!?!

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    Fugg that....I gots to see my Golden Girls....

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    Yeah, ur a few screws loose....might wanna see about that...
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    You all can invite them to Grambling on founders day. :lol: :emlaugh: In the mean time if you want to see some women get your straw hatted mule and buggy out of the barn and head to a saloon in Monroe. Make sure to stop at all the "whoa" signs in Grambling. :lol: :emlaugh:
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