JSU/SU attendance vs SCG games

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Wonderwoman, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. Wonderwoman

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    THis isn't smack, but I wanted to help put an end to all the feuding of the scg attendances. It is true that JSU and Southern has lead the nation and swac in attendance. It is true that Southern and JSU having winning programs. It is true that SU and JSU's 1999 scg I attendance was right at 50,000 and the swac office was elated over these numbers. It is true that scg II, II and IV attendances haven't pleased the swac office and that everyone wonder what if Southern or Jackson State were involved. Too many people are constantly arguing about attendance but for those who don't want to believe that an SU/JSU match up is hugh, here are some facts
    scg I SU vs JSU--50,000 1999 SU/JSU regular season 55,000
    scg II aamu/gsu-30,000 2000 su/jsu regular season 45,000
    scg III bama st/gsu-38,000 2001 su/jsu reg. season 39,000
    (IN heavy rain)
    scg IV aamu/gsu---23,000 2002 su/jsu reg. season 38,000

    THe point is let's stop arguing about this topic, because the facts are there JSU/SU regular season games have toppled scgII, III and IV. Therefore it is a fact that JSU/SU matchup will only benefit the entire swac. IF Su and JSu can muster over 40,000 in regular season, image what a major classic or championship game would be like. This isn't to put down aamu, bama st and grambling. I just hope that this will help you all stop arguing and face the facts.
  2. mighty hornet

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    ummmm big shirley,(blue nation) (tigeroar)

    Why do you keep harping on jsu/su regular season attendance. Is that the only game that gets over 40K during the regular season? :tdown:

    FACT: The first SCG attendance was boosted by the band competition and the fact that it was new.


    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    well if you want to be technical the Magic City Classic surpases all of them.
  4. Get Ready

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    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    Re: Re: JSU/SU attendance vs SCG games

    Am I lyin Mr. Get Ready?
  6. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Actually that wasnt meant for you, you got in before I got a chance to respond to mh.

    Anyway, the MCC is the one event per year you people in Alabama get a chance to get out. Its a meaningless game with subpar football, so more power to you.

    hey man, is that your car. I bet you get a lot of women with that one.
  7. AAMU Alum

    AAMU Alum Active Member

    As of late, jsu/su can't even help themselves by getting back to the SCG. Why do you continue post this kind of ignorance and stupidity?

    :smh: @ bluenation, wonderwoman, bigshirley, gal
  8. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    ummmm GR,

    Just think,
    Even with the amount of fans that were drawn by the band competion and the fact that it was new, the attendance was only 47K. For the sake of argument, I'll go on the extreme low end and say 10K neutral folks , leaving 37K being SU or JSU folks (SU had more fans). So, JSU really didn't bring much to the table that day, probably 15K or so.!!!!!

    On the other hand, when ASU was there, I'll say about 30K were ASU folks.

    oh well, there goes another one of your lil theories out the window.

    DAHILL Well-Known Member

    I could only hope and wish... I love Bentleys so I put it in my sig.
  10. MikeBigg

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    Keep hope alive dude...I think you'll be driving a Bentley before:

    A) A&M wins a SCG
    B) Get Ready admits that GSU owns them
    C) MH and Bean agree on something
    D) All of the above

    I couldn't resist...
  11. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    MH, the point of the matter is that JSU and SU can draw the neutral fans. Very few other schools in the nation can do that. People in other states might come if they know that the event of JSU football is happening but who wants to come see AAMU and ASU? The MCC does not count. JSU and SU are intra-state rivals. Could AAMU-ASU draw 30K outside of Alabama? The JSU-SU matchup draws a lot of interest from a lot of people. Being able to draw neutral fans is a good thing. Also, when JSU and SU hook up, you never can tell who will win. But when someone is facing a BAMA, odds are, the BAMA will lose.
  12. AAMU Alum

    AAMU Alum Active Member

    You've got to get to the game, otherwise you will draw nothing but flies!

    _ _ d! _ _ _ _ _r! _ _ _ _ _ _ t!
  13. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    What a bunch of hogwash. JSU isn't as bigtime as you would like to think. In a championship setting, playing the other so-called bigtime school, with a band battle, in a new event, and you drew 47K. Surely, according to the way you all stick your chest out all the time, Legion Field would have sold out with 85K!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And thanks for saying that about neutral fans. That further proves my point!
  14. AAMU Alum

    AAMU Alum Active Member

    You know, I never thought about that! That's a horse of a different color! :idea:

    MACHIAVELLI Chairman/C.E.O.

  16. Jafus (Thinker)

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  17. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Re: Re: JSU/SU attendance vs SCG games

    If they had left all of the garbage bands at home, the first one would have. :confused: The two best bands in the SWAC and the ones that drew the crowd, were in the game. That was dumb on Rudy's part.


    What's wrong with neutral fans. People outside of MS want to see JSU and that is a proven fact. The difference is that OUR FANS travel so that adds to the neutral fans. Your school does not have a fan base and no one else wants to see you play. That's sad. Watch how FAMU has to carry your team in Detroit. No one has to carry JSU...not A&T in ATL, not AAMU/AlaState in Bhham, Not SU in Bham, not SU in New Orleans, not AlaState/Howard in Chitown, not TNState in Memphis. NO ONE. We carry our own weight. Wait until JSU meets Grambling in Bham and you will see how big the crowd is. I am willing to bet that a lot of old school SWAC fans/supporters will show up from Alcorn, SU, JSU and Gram. A BAMA will not be supported in the SWAC. SU fans are not going to travel to Bham to see Gram play a BAMA. Neither are Alcorn/Valley fans.
  18. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    For whatever reason, you just choose to ignore the facts.

    On one hand, you continually talk about jsu and su having such big followings, having the best bands, and neutral fans being so attracted to your schools.

    So PLEASE explain then why the stadium at SCG I was not filled to capacity??????
    PLEASE explain why when ASU played in the SCG, we had more fans than either of you?

    as for that Detroit game, that's more of your flawed "logic"
  19. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    Re: Re: Re: JSU/SU attendance vs SCG games

    I'll be waiting a long arse time for that one, cause JSU aint about to make it!

    but for the sake of humoring you, if that game with JSU/Gram came about, then the SCG would have the lowest attendance to date.

    Now, as for top attendance at the SCG, just wait until ASU meets SU!
  20. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    ASU or AAMU against SU would be a good matchup because people will want to see SU. Trust me, it would have nothing to do with your team being there. And no, JSU and Gram would be no less than 40K-50K. JSU fans ride out. I thought you knew.

    Also, JSU-SU do not have to sell out every stadium that we play in. None of the other big draws in BCF do either. Agruably, the top draws in BCF are JSU, SU, FAMU and TNState and none of us fill stadiums to capacity but we do manage to double the attendance of the usual scrubs like Ala-State.

    I guess there were no neutral fans when Gram played AlaState either.
  21. AAMU Alum

    AAMU Alum Active Member

    Oh, so that's what y'all were doing in 2000, '01 and '02 while your @sses WERE NOT in Birmingham....ridin!
  22. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    Do you call what you brought to Bham "riding out"?
    Of the 5 schools to play in the SCG thus far, jsu ranked 4th in what you brought.

    You get so worked up that you just start contradicting yourself man. A minute ago, you were saying it was JSU and SU that could draw a large number of neutral fans.
    Now this.

    _ _ _

    You need to give this one up bruh. The numbers from the SCGs that have been played don't bear you out! No wonder you're now drifting off on some tangent about FAMU and TnState's attendance.
  23. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Dude, you can say what you want, I did not attend the third or fourth SCG but out of the first two, JSU brought the most fans. You were up top with a cheap ticket and all you could see was the SU side. Most have admitted that the upper deck was split but JSU definitely outnumbered SU. Actually, it was not even close. We did what Mike wishes his team could do....fill it up from endzone to endzone. SU did not even fill up but a little over halfway to the top. JSU's side was packed from the bottom to the TOP of the bleachers. You could not see down there because I guess you did not have an extra ten dollars.

    Also, why are you bragging about attendance in your own state anyway?
  24. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    I was a neutral fan that first SCG (although I wasn't necessarily upset with the outcome of the game :D )

    Cause you were crazy enough to say that you had more folks there than ASU. And you didn't. Not even close! LMAO!!!!!

    too bad it'll be a long, long time before jsu gets to improve on that awful showing from SCG I.

    oh well, if you're a true SWAC fan, just come on the SCG any damn way. You can even sit on the Alabama school side. :tup:
  25. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Man, trust me, I don't miss the SCG because of hate. It was just so painful to sit through the second one that I knew that if JSU or SU were not one of the participants, I did not need to be there.

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