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Man, I just saw Fu Fu at the game this weekend with A&M and now this. :bawling: :bawling:

Fu Fu was a true leader to the BOOM, and will TRULY be missed.

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I'm in shock...I did not know FU personally, but we had communicated over e-mails and PM's for a couple of years. So I did have a slight relationship with him. From all that I knew of him he seemed to be wonderful young man. I'm speechless...gotta go.

R. I. P. Jermaine


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Man, this is truly sad but it's put a lot into perspective. We talked a couple of times over email and he was real cool. It just shows no one no the day or hour for their departure. His family shall be in my prayers.



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I'm just now reading this???....This is really a shock. On behalf of the Invincible Marching Marauders, my prayers goes to the Sonic Boom, friends and family. :( :(




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Dang, this is messed up. I think he's the first SWACpage death since I've been on here. What was his screen name?

GOD bless his family.

:( :( :(


It some nigs outside the band who just don't understand. This is more than just losing a band memeber. It's like losing family. That was my nig right there. He brought me in to this ish. I remember him being at a lot of my holes. Even when I was a crab, he treated a bro like a man. FuFu was one of the few real mofos I'e met since I been at JSU:band, school, DM, man, and otherwise. He was one of the first folk to show a nig love after I crossed this thang, and he always kept it straight with a bro. That's love. That's love for FUFU. We all had love for FUFU and respect too. We still showed him respect til his last day. JUst so fugged over this man.:bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: Dayum Dayum Dayum. I still can't believe it. I didnt want to believe it at first.:bawling: :bawling: :bawling: Dayum, I can't even finish this ish.:bawling: :bawling:

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(15)Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. (16) O Lord, truly I am thy servant; I am thy servant, and the son of hy handmaid: thou hast loosed my bonds. --Psalms 116: 15-16

On behalf of the PVAMU Marching Storm family, our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family of friends of this brother. Keep looking to the Lord for strength and comfort in this time of sorrow.


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Being a graduate of a HBCU, a former band member, member of KKPsi, and a member of A Phi A, and not ever laying my eyes on this brother, my heart is sadden.

Frat, just last week we introduced a brother from the Gamma Delta (Pine Bluff) chapter into the Omega chapter. FUFU, you should meet brother Cory.

My prayers go out to his family.


I am in utter disbelief, we was just making plans for this weekend. I mean perfect health saturday, damn. RIP


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"Farewell dear brother
Transcendant art thou,

Thy spirit shall dwell with us now.
We'll cherish thy mem'ry,
thy good name we'll revere,

To thy glory, thy honor
Brother dear."

May god bless and keep his family, friends and the brothers of the Delta Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


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My prayers go out to Jermaine and his family. Not only has JSU, A.Q.A, and the SWAC page lost a good and kinda brother. But so have we in the Law Enforcement Community, and the citizens of our great state. Jermaine had just graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Acdamy in Glynco, GA. He was a Federal Park Ranger. He worked the Natchez Trace in Madison, MS.

His first game back was the Grambling game, and he told me how much he had missed the excitment of the bands, and how glad he was to be back so he can catch the rest of the season.

Before he left to go to the academy, he came to me and asked me what to expect in the academy. I told him since he was in go physical condition, he would do fine with the physical fitness part. And the academic part would be a breeze because he was very smart and intelligent.

I was proud that he chose to dedicate his life to hleping others by working in law enforcement. Although he served only but a short time, he served well. We will miss you, and I will think of you when I travel along the Natchez Trace Prakway. Rest in peace my friend.

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My prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends. As I said in the other post about Cedric from SU dieing, people are leaving this world in a hurry and they are leaving at a young age. So man if you dont know GOD now is the time to get to know him and dont take anything for granted.


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Man im sorry to hear this. Man i know i was just seeing him posting last week. Dang First we got news of Cedricks death yesterday and today FUFU. Man this is to much. MY prayers go out to FUFU's family, friends, and the boom.


Originally posted by sop83

His first game back was the Grambling game, and he told me how much he had missed the excitment of the bands, and how glad he was to be back so he can catch the rest of the season.

Man, I told FU FU that we were going to kick it at a game as soon as he made it back from Denver! Indeed I did. Me, Fu Fu, Lowell, Ronnie and Chris rode out from Jackson to the GSU game. I guess that was my first and last game to kick it with FU FU! I will cherish the time spent!



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this is sad

u know its funny how we talk smack on this board, and its mostly in good fun because we know some things wont change and some take time to change. but, i think whats most beautiful about this is, the unity and respect we all feel toward one another as people. its nice to see we can all agree on somethings, like no smack for a minute to honor a fallen comrad.

i didnt know the man(FUFU)personally but i feel i will always know him though the BOOM. he is a special man in his own right. HE was a dm for the SONIC BOOM and not many can say that. hope for all who attend the services you take ALL of our prayers and good will and shower him and his family with them. he has gone to play in a greater band along side some other great boom musicians.(i could name a few) so he wont be by hiself he should recognize a few faces there...

R.I.P. my man...see u next time


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Man, I tell you. The time that we live in. First Stubbs (R.I.P.), and now FUFU. Life is precious, and my condolences go out to his family and friends and to the JSU Sonic Boom family.


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Ay, i need information from anyone that wants to give input. I'm gonna do a story on Jermaine in the Blue and White Flash for next week. Yall send me a p.m. Thanx.


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While I dont know him personally.... I have seen him plenty of times at different Dekalb Co. BOTBs or with Quinard and Jason from AAMU. I also spoke to him this past weekend at the JSU and AAMU game.....

..... RIP FOLK


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I met Fu-Fu and Ronnie when I came down to Jackson with my brother (Tim-trumpet) last summer and he was cool peeps. I guess you don't really know when it's you time....RIP Jermaine


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My prayers go out to his family.

I'm speechless. His last post was just yesterday at 3:46 pm under the Dancing Divas/Prancing J-Settes.

The many times I have logged off of the Swacpage saying to myself I'll chat with yall tommorow, you just don't know.


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:( I still can't believe it, that dude showed me personally and the rest of us love since August 8, 2000, he always had our back. He will be GREATLY missed by, me personally, by my section and by all those who knew him. My prayers go out to his blood relatives, friends, frats, and aquaintences. Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.


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His last year as DM.

(left to right)

FUFU (sitting)
Caramu (2 unpredictable)(behind Jermaine)
Moreh (DMJ*2000)

I'm not ready to talk about this yet, so I will come back later
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