Joseline's Cabaret: Miami Sneak Peek!


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A ninja just want some strange some time 😜

Oh, I do not disagree with you, I am just saying why make that into a tv series.
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Why yall wanna call them ghetto...hood rats etc....shit everybody is not college material. Man let them girls shake their ass and let dudes give them money. Some of you all are the same cats that go to homecoming and try to pass them coeds some change to be a traveling side piece.

I could not date or marry a stripper but I'm not going to down an employment opportunity. Hell I have a 3 tax clients that are strippers. These women come in and pay quarterly taxes. They have EINs and do Schedule C's. They pay quarterly taxes estimated off making $100k.

This is why I believe prostitution should be legalized. Women been walking around half naked and selling puddin since the beginning of time.