Jackson State Tabbed League Favorite in SWAC Women’s Basketball Preseason Poll


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Preseason polls:

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IMO, this is the 2nd highest sport to win OOC games for the conference. From recent play, schools in the Southland and SunBelt don't want to face SWAC teams. Last season, grambling blasted ulm. Hopefully, the SWAC can have and decent number of OOC wins, particularly against mid majors by Jan 1.


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Freda has added a few players to compliment her returning rotation of seasoned talented players. Notice the Hornets had 3 players named to the two all-conference teams.
Duly noted!! And that's why Coach Reed brought in a multitude of talented scorers and defensive players to compliment our seasoned core 2020-21 WBB SWAC Champs!! :cool:
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