Jackson State New QB Jalon Jones

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Well there you have it folks, jsu to the CB 2019

LOL But I will be 100% honest. I have not trusted a JSU staff since Comegy left. I was excited when we hired Hendrick. He has made many improvements where I already thought we could go from a 5-5 team to at least a 7-5 team. With Jalon, im hoping we can reach the 9 win mark.


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It's a great day for THEE Jackson State University ..... he's a duel threat QB too... I'm a VA native and this kid was highly sought after and broke records while in high school in Richmond, Va and he's only a freshman.. the kid has to stay out trouble though.. the plan is coming together nicely..... I'm not going to say we're there yet but i like the aggressive nature the staff has to put jsu in contention for years to come.
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Says the school with quarterback play that was as bad as ours lol. Only Alcorn, SU, PV, and Aamu be comfortable in the QB department.
You realize that was a question and not a statement, right? Nice attempt on trying to get smart with me...
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