Hello My Old Friends

Get Ready

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Allow Get Ready to reintroduce Get Ready.
Ladies yall alright?
Fellas how you feeling
Sure is a nice day in Jackson
(Wait lemme make sure my water is running before I say that)
Yeah it's a nice day
Soooooooo what's going on my home away from home?
Anything new? What's poppin? (Do the kids still say that?)FB_IMG_1610412861854.jpg

Kenn Rashad

Person In Charge
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I cant believe Kenn Rashad is taking his precious time to reply. Hey Kenn, shouldn't you be somewhere yelling at clouds? Shouldn't you be somewhere telling Deion Sanders to get off your lawn?
Man, I told you I don't have a problem with Deion. Other than those crazy-ass comments he made about bowl games and all that other pie-in-the-sky shit he was speaking about HBCUs, me and Deion can have a turkey sub in a hot tub.


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Whoop em till they lay down - coach prime