Hampton U sends letter to NCAA selection committee

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by icey23, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. icey23

    icey23 Active Member

    The letter mentions Hampton's RPI of 63, better than some higher-seeded teams, and a comparably better road record (13-3) and strength of schedule (271). The letter cites teams such as Navy, a 15th seed despite an RPI of 184 and strength of schedule of 278, and No. 12 seed San Diego State, with an RPI of 93 and a strength of schedule of 306, among others. The letter also includes a chart comparing HU's credentials with 12 other schools, seeded from 15th to 12th.

    The NCAA straight did HU wrong!!!
  2. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    I glad they spoke up. The selection committee did them wrong.

  3. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    Glad they are standing up for themselves. You have to let these folks in KKK land know how you feel.
  4. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    Is anybody EVER happy with the selection committee? LOL. I thought I read somewhere were an undefeated team was slotted as a No. 16 seed on the women's side back in the day. I guess the selection committee is the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. wahines

    wahines 1_gsufan

    Also, just keep on screwing the HBCU's!
  6. Herbert77060

    Herbert77060 Texas Southern University

    Taught 'em how to read......they dun screwed up

  7. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    It makes a big difference because if they receive a 13 or 14 seed it would be much easier to beat a Purdue or Miami than it would be to beat a Stanford or Baylor.
  8. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    There you go HAMPTON!!!
  9. Fiyah

    Fiyah Administrator Staff Member

    When we saw that at our watch party we were very surprised. Knew Hampton deserved a better seeding than that.
  10. TSUGIRL07

    TSUGIRL07 Well-Known Member

    Good job HU!
  11. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    HU had a 63 RPI? :eek:
  12. Taylor-Made'90

    Taylor-Made'90 I'm 'Citrix SSO' batch!!!

    I know this'll never happen, but I'd like to see this happen..... There are 34 automatic bids to the tourney. Take those 34 and rand them 1-34. Then rank the 'at large' bids 35-68. You'd have some ridiculously interesting matchups. But that'll keep the smaller conference champs from always having to play in the 'play-in' games....

    Just my $0.02
  13. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    That sounds good, but coaches from BCS conferences will argue that they would are being punished for playing in a tougher league compared to their mid-major counterparts.
  14. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    And wouldn't that be true?
  15. stroke

    stroke Well-Known Member

    Its Funny that this issue hasnt hit the national media Yet, I see hampton coach is going to be on the Urban radio or what ever they are called today
  16. In_The_662

    In_The_662 Deeeeep In The Delta.....

    Doesn't this sound like college football tho? :lol: (Yada yada tougher conference... yada yada whine and cry on ESPN.... yada yada get in BCS title game without winning their own conference :lol: )
  17. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    Yep. :)
  18. Attack Dog

    Attack Dog Well-Known Member

    Get in and not only win, but DOMINATE:shame::shame::shame:

    Would ONE SEC loss make you guys happy or would you need a string?
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