Guess what the govt. is up to now!!!


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I saw on the news that some kinda machine has been developed that police can use to see through the walls in your house......kinda like an x-ray machine. They can use it to strip-search you while you sit in your home, and you'd never even know. *smh* What next?


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Umm.....the point isnt when it was invented. It was illegal up until now, and they are trying to legalize it.

*smh @ you and your lame jokes*

Are you that desperate for a laugh? Ok here --->:emlaugh:


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Unknown, I feel ya. Sounds like a Constitutional violation. Illegal search. But, alas... Do we really have rights?


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They have this in my city. It an infrared radar that detects your body heat. Its like what the show as the Predators vision on the movie. They claim its to find criminals hiding in brush, but yes the cops can pull up to your house and pretty much see everything you do. Its not a clear picture but they can still see where you are and make out what you are doing.