Grambling vs. Jackson State - Pregame party


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The wife and I should be there around 2 or 3pm Saturday. Where do we need to go? Will it be at the same place as usual?

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Let a Sistah know what's up. I will be arriving in Jackson @ 10:55 pm, Friday.

Edited to say: never mind, Robber gave me the scoop. See y'all Saturday.

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We will be on the visiting side in the grassy area next to Back Yard Burgers! Get Ready will be on the grill. I will handle the grease.

G-Sup said something about yall setting it out this year. If not, we still got everything covered. Get Ready will arrive at the stadium at 9am. I'll be there shortly.

What would you guys like for us to fry or put on the grill for your last supper!:D


Same area as usual. The Mafia is as consistent as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

I'll be out there at 9 am. Guess I'll fry a coupla more turkeys.