Florida is crazy land

A Florida school district is cutting the classics from its curricula as DeSantis administration makes some passages of Shakespeare a no-go​

  • In an effort to comply with Florida's expanded-upon "Don't Say Gay" law, one school district is no longer asking students to read Shakespeare in its entirety.
  • Originally passed in 2022 and expanded in 2023, the law in part allows parents to object to any materials depicting sexual conduct.
  • The law has also led to another school district forbidding teachers and students from using pronouns that don't correspond with their sex at birth.
In an effort to comply with a controversial law instated by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state legislature, the school district in Florida's fourth-most populous county is restricting teachers from teaching the full works of Shakespeare, according to a recent report from the Tampa Bay Times.

The Parental Rights in Education Act, nicknamed the "Don't Say Gay" law, was signed by DeSantis in 2022 and was originally written to, in part, prevent public school teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation with students between kindergarten and third grade. DeSantis and the legislature expanded on the legislation in 2023, broadening its scope to students below kindergarten age and up to those in eighth grade.
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Ron DeSantis Suspends Florida’s Only Black Female State Attorney in Radical Move — and Local Sheriff Mocks Her​

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Disney's firefighters backed DeSantis as he feuded with the company. Now his new board ignored their pleas and stripped away their park benefits.​

  • Disney World's firefighters were once in support of DeSantis' plan to assume control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.
  • That was until his new board stripped them of their discounts and free passes to the parks.
  • A number of firefighters confronted DeSantis' board last week at a meeting about their decision.
Disney World's first responders once backed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' plan to assume control of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which formerly had autonomous control over the land that Disney occupied.

"Anything has got to be better than what we currently have," Tim Stromsnes, communications director of the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Local 2117 union, told the Orlando Sentinel in January.

But now firefighters are having second thoughts after the new oversight board moved to strip them of special Disney perks they've had for decades. Last week, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, the rebranded Reedy Creek board, revoked all of the firefighters' free passes to the Disney parks and resorts. First responders told the Miami Times Online makes visits to the theme park unaffordable now.

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Florida election official lay ‘dead or dying’ for 24 minutes outside Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office, report says​

ORLANDO, Fla. — Pete Antonacci, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ election fraud office director and former Broward County elections supervisor, lay “dead or dying” in a governor’s office hallway for 24 minutes last year before anyone came to his aid, The Florida Bulldog reported.

The Bulldog, a nonprofit news organization, also reported Sunday that no autopsy was performed by the medical examiner’s office.

Antonacci, 74, died Sept. 23, 2022, following a contentious meeting of the Office of Election Crimes and Security, which DeSantis appointed him to to lead two months earlier.

The Bulldog’s review of five heavily redacted Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports did not reveal the meeting’s agenda or what was discussed. DeSantis had created the office to ensure what he called “election integrity” after former President Donald Trump’s false claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

Antonacci abruptly left the meeting before he died, and his death was previously announced as taking place at an undisclosed location within the Capitol building, where one floor contains offices for the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, CFO, and agriculture commissioner

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement ecords stated Antonacci “lay dead or dying on the hallway floor of the governor’s office for more than 20 minutes before anyone apparently noticed and came to his aid,” the Bulldog wrote. “More precisely, 24 minutes, in a hallway under real time video-only surveillance.”

Florida GOP chair defies DeSantis, won’t step down as new details of sexual assault allegation emerge​

The head of Florida’s Republican Party indicated Saturday he will not step down while facing an investigation into sexual assault, rejecting calls by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to give up his role as the party’s top operative.

In a letter to the state GOP, chairman Christian Ziegler did not address the allegation – which continued to send shockwaves through the state on Saturday as troubling new details about the investigation emerged – but suggested a conspiracy was afoot to leak details from the Sarasota Police Department probe.

“We have a country to save and I am not going to let false allegations of a crime put that mission on the bench as I wait for this process to wrap up,” he wrote.

According to a search warrant affidavit, which CNN obtained from the Florida Center for Government Accountability, Ziegler and his wife Bridget planned a three-way sexual encounter with the alleged victim on the day of the alleged assault on October 2, and “when the victim learned that Bridget could not make it, she changed her mind and canceled with Christian.”

Polk County leaders resign over new controversial Florida law​

EAGLE LAKE, Fla. - Several elected officials in Polk County are no longer in office after a controversial new Florida law that went into effect on Jan. 1.

Cory Coler is no longer the mayor of the city of Eagle Lake. He submitted his resignation on Dec. 14 and his final day in office was Friday, Dec. 29.

"As much as I love my city and I do and as I love being able to serve the community, it put me at an impasse because that's information I share with my spouse. Not something I broadcast to my neighbors," said Coler.

He's referring to having to file "Form 6" which is a full disclosure of everything an elected official owns more than one-thousand dollars -- something Coler calls invasive.

"Now people have information about you, they didn't have before, and they might look at you differently because of how much you make or how much you have in the bank, which doesn't affect the decision-making I do in a day in and day out basis that I do as a commissioner," explained Coler.

Before this new bill went into effect, commissioners only had to fill out "Form One", which was a less detailed financial disclosure.

Coler says the city has to fill the mayor position within 60 days, but he believes it'll be harder now than it was a year ago to find someone to step up and serve.