FAMU….We Got Muscle Milk Dammit!!!


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Fortunately for Grambling, FAMU has Willie Simmons out there "coaching". Slick Willie doesn't know how to beat Grambling


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FAMU knows how to beat Grambling. Valley game was a wake up call. It was too easy in the first half and we took our foot off the pedal. We will not do that this week.🦾


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Gram I need yall to buss these fools to the white meat... we'll look the other way and allow Kinkaid to come back and QB one more game...we'll give yall our third-string wide receivers if needed...Ya'll ICON dammit don't let peas and carrots disrespect yall without paying their dues fuss !! lol whatever it takes... GSSSSSSS.....GSSSSSSSSS.....GSSSSSSSSSS...GS.U.U.U I THOUGHT YOU KNEW.