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I said that Iverson would be 10 for 30. My bad I was wrong, I surely dont want to make false statements. Iverson wasnt 10 for 30....He was 10 for 29 and 0-4 from the freethrow line. He didn have a bad shooting night, He had one of his typical shooting nights.

Did Kobe lead the Lakers again?

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1776'ers, where you at?

Everything is falling inline with my predictions:

(a) Kobe had 31 in Game Two. I said 30 plus.

(b) Lakers would take Game Two. They did.

(c) Lakers would not be scared of the FU Center and Philly fans. My TV just showed me they weren't.

(d) Lakers would win Game Three and Iverson would cry. They just did and Iverson was as close to crying as I have seen when Horry hit that big arse three bomb front the corner.

A word of caution from Houston's Rudy Tomjanovich .... Sixer fans -----> "NEVER underestimate the HEART of a Champion!"

Lakers 4-1 ... coming soon to a TV near you.


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I agree with you guys all the way through.... This is another thread that will get my pressure up... Let me get outta here! Bye! :mad: