Election Day 2020

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This will be one of the most polarizing elections we've really seen in our lifetime. Some of us went thru the Bush-Gore hanging chad election but this one doesn't have anything close to what that had. The hate and division that has been brought out by 45 is above reproach. Hopefully by the end of this election we will be rid of him. If not the next 4 years will be hell on a national level.

This is a bright spot in my opinion and hope it continues this route.

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Trump just won Tennessee. It is 44-37 Biden right now. Both are winning states that they were expected to win
Trump won West Virginia. Biden won Connecticut. The count is Biden 51-42
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Biden is doing great in Texas. The black vote in the DFW, Austin, and Houston has put him in the lead for now
If Biden can get North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. It will be a big lead to get him past 270 I think he will get it
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