Did we overreact by cancelling football?

Week four and five in some places in highschool football games and everything is going good so far. Did we overreact by cancelling college football this year?
I think the reaction was based off how things went this summer. The control finally came in when more and more people started wearing mask early to mid August. Had the masked mandate been in place earlier I think the season could have been saved.
Simply no, our schools can't navigate the uncertainty. The Big Ten or Pac 12 couldn't, even if we tried to start like FAMU and A&T did, we would have shut it down. Most colleges are playing mostly about economics and not player safety, high schools are playing based on red and blue states, lol
No... The reasons many high schools aren't saying anything is because they are not testing...So they really don't know what their risk is...

A couple high schools here in Mississippi had to quarantine whole teams for a couple of weeks....It messes up schedules

Then they (MHSAA) had the nerve to move the Football State Championship games back to Jackson today.....since Mississippi State didn't want
to host during COVID..... They took the games from Jackson a few years back saying the kids need to be exposed to better facilities, so they started rotating the games between MS. State, Ole Miss and USM.... Now Jackson is good enough again, when "they" don't want it....
Week four and five in some places in highschool football games and everything is going good so far. Did we overreact by cancelling college football this year?

I’m split on it. Did I want to play ball this year? Absolutely. Am I upset that Football was cancelled this fall? Nope.

While I feel there were ways to safely play(as I’ve stated before), I have no problem with football being shut down this semester. Right now, it’s best to gauge how situations turn out with schools that are playing. Learn from whatever they did, then plan for the spring if it’s cleared for us to play.
Black folks are the most vulnerable. Herman Cain is the perfect example, may he RIP.
NO!!!!! These young people are Sons, Daughters, grand-children and best friends to others. I certainly don't want them risking their Health/Lives just so that we can watch them play. Remember, they don't have the financial resources that professional sports is privileged to have????? We need to get a handle on this Covid-19 thing before we send others in harms way!

They are starting LHSAA football in October. It is my son's senior year and part of me does not want him to play. Yet, it's his last year of high school. My wife and I have constantly prayed about it. It's a difficult place we are in.
I'd say no simply for the fact that sporting events are probably the easiest way to contact the virus. You have all of those players breathing and sweating on each other. That can't be safe at all during a time like this.

The SWAC should be happy that the season was rescheduled because Valley was about to get in that ass this season.
so the university of washington model has predicted 410k dead by jan 1 if we don't do anything differently. if everyone wore mask it drops to 284k. so we going to more than double the number of dead in about half the time it took us to get here. if that happens we won't play in the spring either unfortunately.
You see that number for the 1918 swine flu... 675k US dead and wonder how'd they get there. this is how. we are on track to eclipse that number. by the time joe biden takes office on jan 20th we could have 500k dead.
All great answers. I brought this up because I had a conversation with a dude yesterday who thought we overreacted. Just wanted to see others opinion.

Tell your friend if those kids play and visit other places afterwards-all it takes is for ONE to have the virus.

You see the folks screaming for all this don't look like us. They are not the main one dying or getting denied services.
The ONLY way I would agree is if schools did like Tyler Perry-he held 4 of his shows captive to film 80+ episodes in 4 months.

No one tested positive.
If they want to play so bad-BUBBLE an entire conference and they don't leave until a MONTH after the championship game.

You can have your games but are you willing to give up your freedom for x number of months? How friendly are some of those players with their hands...