Deion Sanders to JSU? (Part 2)

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Homeboy not really, maybe for this year :)

That's all that matters (this year)

HBCU media has shined this year with the increased interest in HBCUs and the most prominent ones have blossomed as well as the burgeoning ones (I am with one of those. My LB (co-host) had intel on Darius Rice going to Valley in March but sat on it until it officially broke last month).

When outsiders come in, you have what happened with Deion Sanders. HBCU Sports stuck to their guns and was proven right


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Mo Williams to Bama State, Deion Sanders to Jackson State, is this the start of something new?

What’s that? Treating swac head coaching positions like the Big 10 is treating and “researching” players during the pandemic? We look damn near experimental with this - we went through this in the 80s ironically hiring ex nfl guys but were swac stars

sadly though - you see some swac fans on Facebook who only know football due to homecoming say this is an impressive hire cause it’s Deion the person not the coach. I just shook my head
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