Curtis Matfeild & The Impressions


The reason i brought this up is that They Played One Of My Favorate Tracks Ever on the BET Awards Last night during tha Danny all the Glover media clip .. But yea .. I've been Studying the lyrics to For the messages that were put out in the songs ..

Like Move On Up.. is a fav of mines
Freddys Dead .
Gypsy Woman ....
Choice Of Colors
Im So Proud
Stone Junkie
Sad Sad Boy and Girl

These Songs are Songs that were Discriptive of Issues Goin on in the 70's But To Me The Same issues Exist today and im Just feelin' what he had to say about these things .. Curtis Mayfeild Was A Legend man..anybody still on him?


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Didn't want to leave you hangin. You are so correct. How could you leave out one of my all time favorites... "This Is My Country"?


The Impressions


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. . . Curtis Mayfield Was A Legend man..anybody still on him?

Its funny that you would ask that question. I was just listening to some of his old stuff (with and without the Impressions) just the other day.

By far, my favorite song is "People Get Ready", which they played last night during the tribute to Danny Glover that you spoke of. The lyrics are poignant, and Curtis' delivery is moving.

Classic stuff.


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curtis song kung fu is real catchy and just straight funk . pusherman is my favorite.i tell people all the time that was real music in the day.