Brawl at youth basketball game ends with spectator body slamming referee

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If those who claim to want to lead young people in the right direction and help them through sports, then they should teach them the fundamentals of whatever the sport is that they are attempting to coach. Do not allow young people to think that because they are of one ethnic group playing against a another ethnic not particularly noted for whatever the sport they are playing............then it's going to be an automatic "W" when we play this team or that team. You must prepare them to WIN and how to control themselves should the outcome not be in their favor!


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My co worker refs games and his carried a pistol in his bag. He said the parents are the worst.

Sadly, its true. Used to work with them when I lived in Berlin. The DYA's soccer field, teams, parents.
The parents were THEE ABSOLUTE WORST. I wouldn't fool with them again...EVER!!!