Bethune Cookman vs Alabama State Game Thread: 5:00pm CT


Deeeeep In The Delta.....
I hope the next move our commissioner makes is an investment into the SWAC network and encouragement in the form of financial help to those schools who need it in their media departments. It’s ridiculous the lack and just ok coverage we get.

People know I've been preaching this for a few years on here. For all the good that the commissioner has done, his lack of interest in developing the SDN into a full fledged network is disappointing. The OVC model is the way to go (but that means EVERYONE has to be on the same accord (no pay walls).

Build up the network from the ground up
Put the network in Roku (as well as YouTube obviously) and promote it.
Get sponsors (obviously) especially for the halftime shows in football

It's 2021 and we still got games with no stream or barely a stream