20Miami02 Roll Call

Are You Planning On 20Miami02

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    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • No

    Votes: 8 61.5%
  • Man, When Is It?

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  • I wish I had not spent all my money on Fouston.

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Running and Gunning
I don't know about them people down in Fouston this weekend, but those of us who want to have a good time will be preparing fot the 20Miami02.

List Of Activities...

"Water" Sports
"Puddin Stirrin"
"Bird Watchin" (chickens pigeons etc..)
"Nature Walk"
and finally "Bumper Cars" (The Ride Home)

The ATL extrazaganza appears to be in shambles due to a lack of a large enough hog to roast.


La ilaj? ila Al
and you KNOW this!

Dade County baybee

3 Oh 5

and to all of you even thinking about going to Miami dont make the mistake some of my coworkers made when they went down to check out SoulFest: they figured they didnt need my "input".

Those that heeded my counsel, had a ball.

Those that didnt....bustas!

anyway, MIAMI awaits!!!!! :D :D :D