2001 Award Winners

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    Here are the winners of the 2nd annual Swac Page Network Awards
    Favorite Sports Poster

    Favorite Band Poster
    <b> Artist</b>

    Favorite Small Talk Poster - Male

    Favorite Small Talk Poster - Female

    Favorite Smacker - TIE
    <b>J-State Tiger
    Mighty Dog</b>

    Newcomer of the Year - Small Talk Board

    Newcomer of the Year - Smack Board

    Most Creative Poster
    J-State Tiger

    Moderator of the Year

    Band Board Thread of the Year - Tie
    Gospel according to Black College Bands
    I Declare Today Slaw Day

    Smack Board Thread of the Year
    Crying Eddie

    Small Talk Thread of the Year
    My Household is still intact

    Best Rivalry - Individuals
    MsJag4Jag VS Kellis

    Best Rivalry - Group
    Mafia VS AAMU

    Smacking Organization of the Year
    AAMU Dawgpound

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