18 arrested, 47 ejected from Ole Miss-Tennessee game

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More than a dozen people were arrested and nearly 50 others were ejected from Saturday's University of Tennessee versus University of Mississippi football game after fans threw trash onto the field at Neyland Stadium.

No. 13 Ole Miss held off Tennessee 31-26 after Rebels coach Lane Kiffin avoided being by hit by golf balls as Volunteers fans pelted the field with objects in the chaotic final minutes.

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Ole Miss stopped Tennessee a yard shy of a first down on a fourth-and-24 pass with just over a minute left. After that play, and the review that confirmed the spot of the ball, Tennessee fans pelted the field with objects.

"A number of bottles with some brown stuff in them, so I'm not sure. Probably not moonshine. I don't think they'd waste moonshine on me," Kiffin said. "I think that's one of the most passionate fanbases in American, and you've got 100,000 of them together, and things don't go their way. When all that energy is going, and they got upset, I don't know. I just wanted to play. The players have got helmets. It's the coaches that would get hit. Like, I still have my golf ball that I got hit with."