1. Journalist

    The Great HBCU attendance debate ... who drew the most?

    The NCAA has readily-available attendance numbers for FBS, FCS, Division 2 and Division 3 from 2003-2018 — with no team breakdowns available for 2004. For those 15 seasons, only four schools led FCS HBCUs in attendance: Southern six times, Jackson State five times, Florida A&M three times and...
  2. Brave

    Historic accounts of the First Ever SWAC (HBCU) 5th Quarter

    According to legend a SU bus was late, referees didn't allow for much play in a highly contested game. Thus when the directors exchanged pleasantries around halftime Dr. Greggs (SU) and Mr. Samuel Griffin (Alcorn) decided that after the game was the best time to battle. The game ended and the...