1. V

    What is the Greatest Moment in Alcorn State Men's Basketball History?

    Hi Braves Fans, I am writing a comprehensive book entitled, “Moments of Glory: The Greatest Moments in Every Division I Team's College Basketball History” – and I need your help! In a posted response on this thread, can you describe your choice for Alcorn State’s most glorious moment in their...
  2. Brave

    Purple Reign - Influential Alcorn

    It's high time to acknowledge the benefits of having a successful Alcorn at the helm of the SWAC. Since 2012 things have been different in the lands of Lorman. Most Alcornites felt the change in the air during the culmination of the 2012 season. I can honestly say the 2012 Soul Bowl marked the...
  3. Brave

    Alcorn Braves Iced Out

    A good look at the rings