It’s one of the few HBCU football events where the matchup between the bands is more anticipated than the football game.

The heated rivalry between Jackson State and Southern, unofficially known as the “BoomBox Classic,” is one of those events.

Southern’s lopsided 41-7 victory Saturday night over the Tigers doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have been closely following the two teams, but the halftime show is, arguably, always a toss-up.

We’ve found videos of both halftime performances and will leave it up our audience to determine a winner.

Which band won the halftime show? Watch the videos below and then cast your vote in our poll.

Jackson State


The poll will close Tuesday (Oct. 30) at 11:59 p.m.

HBCU Sports

Poll: Which band won the Magic City Classic halftime show, Alabama A&M or Alabama State?

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  1. Jackson state won the halftime show

    1. The Human Juke Box won and is the best band in the land SssssssU. Not sure what folks were seeing with JState. But at SU we are living the good life.

      1. Klub! Get Yo eyes and ears checked. Da Boom took over bruh.

      2. Facts. SU was far better.

  2. Jackson State completely won the halftime show

  3. Southern HumanJukebox hands down the best band and halftime show you’ll ever see

  4. Southern University won the half time show.

  5. JSU’s performance was acceptable; however it was poorly executed.
    The JukeBox won the show hands down. Energy, creativity, well executed.💙💛

  6. JSU hands down won …. Thee I Love !!

  7. JSU won the halftime show

  8. Jackson state University won that

  9. JSU won that

  10. Jackson State University

  11. JSU all the way won the halftime show !!

  12. JSU won that

  13. JSU hands down

  14. Thee I Love !! JSU won the halftime show

  15. Juke box hands down living they best life

  16. Southern won the halftime show

  17. Southern killed them the halftime show now the 5 quarter was close but jukebox won that too.

  18. The Sonic Boom for the WIN!!!!!! THEE I LOVE!!!! THEE best band in all the land!!!!!

  19. Of course Jackson State by a landslide

  20. Thee I Love JSU Sonic Boom of the South!

  21. JState all the way.

  22. I think its really sad when people hate one school so much that they refuse to admit the truth. I do not have a problem saying what I like when I see it from another band. I like the J state run which they did not do in Baton Rouge and the circles were ok. I also like to watch them march in even though the drum majors don’t seem to be as strong as past years. However, the Jstate rocks the house is something that was taken from Grambling and in this case they could not rock the house because they did not have the house. This Jstate show was not their best and this type poll is not reflective of what really happened because it allows people to get together and vote over and over to say I voted even when my school was not the best. This needs to stop and the video does not lie!

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