It’s that time of year of again.

We’re literally hours away from the start of the season. Yes, you’ve guest it, HBCU marching band season. (What? Did you think we were talking football season?)

HBCU Sports is all about sports. And on HBCU campuses marching band is a sport with their members considered to be athletes.

As is the case every year around this time, we’ve seen countless preseason football polls published ranking teams, positions, predicted order of finish and so forth. The polls ultimately do not matter when the games are played, but they sure do give us plenty to pontificate.

So let’s show the bands some love.

HBCU Sports presents its 3rd annual Preseason Top 15 HBCU Band Poll for 2017.

1. Jackson State
2. Southern
3. Tennessee State
4. Bethune-Cookman
5. Alabama A&M
6. Florida A&M
7. Miles College
8. North Carolina A&T
9. Prairie View A&M
10. Norfolk State
11. Alcorn State
12. Texas Southern
13. Grambling
14. Arkansas-Pine Bluff
15. Talladega College

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17 Responses

  1. Dwayne Dawson

    How can you leave out those Marching Hornets of Alabama State University ?

  2. Get Good

    EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Often Imitated never Duplicated………

    Human Jukebox!!!!!

    SU is the best band in the land.

    Where does Jackson State park there horses when they go to away games….

    • Tejay

      Well first I hope you are not a SU graduate. It is
      “their” not “there”….smh.

      • Jason

        Take it to the 50 yard line Meac Swac Battle of the bands Dallas in the Nation’s Capitol. Famu, Bcu, NSU, A&T, SCSU starting 5. Vs Swac starting 5 Southern, JSU, Prairie View, TSU, Miles

  3. Andrea Snell

    it’s amazing how you all try to dismiss Jackson State but yet we whooped a lot of you on the field! But the issue is that you’re not number one! And as far as the remark about where do we park our horses, apparently next to your band since we’ve run circles around most of you! Some of your stolen parts, if not part of our cadences, the way our J-Settes march and especially J5 the drum majors! Say what you will but the proof is when we see your band imitating whatever the hell we do!

    • TigerNatl

      Well said and straight to the point, we’re number 1 in this poll and will also be top ranked in other Non-HBCU polls as well lo!!!!!. Interesting how the BOTB in Charlotte promoted JSU as it’s featured and world famous band etc., prior to and after JSU acceptance to the event today lol…..because they know about the Sonic Boom!!!

  4. I'm just saying

    8 , 13 & 15 are very questionable . Even AAMU at number 5 is a reach !

  5. Patrice

    This is a poll from some years ago after sat battle jsu shouldn’t be anywhere in that line up for real. That b.s. from sat same old mess. #1 Tennessee State and I care who’s next.

  6. Michael K.Martin

    What are your rankings based on?You had Southern no.1 mid-season last year and then Miles at the end of last year.Unlike sports,i don’t think we have access to who’s band graduated the most people and how many they return.I think you should wait about 3 games before making this poll.Bands don’t always perform they’re best show for every opponent so it is very difficult to gauge who’s band is best.You are making people respond to your article which is a large part of your intentions,but your article is very flawed.


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