Stan Van Gundy: Kentucky couldn’t beat NBA team

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Kendrick, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Kendrick

    Kendrick Dr. Henny Boombatz Staff Member

    Stan Van Gundy said Wednesday the notion that Kentucky could beat an NBA team is “absurd.” The Orlando Magic coach was asked about comments by former Maryland coach Gary Williams, who told a Washington radio station that he thought the Wildcats could beat the NBA’s Wizards in one game at Rupp Arena.

    The Wildcats, the favorites to win the NCAA championship next week, have multiple players who are expected to be NBA lottery picks. Forward Anthony Davis could be the No. 1 overall pick if he enters the draft.

    That’s not enough for Van Gundy.

    “Look, it’s absurd,” he said before the Magic faced the New York Knicks. “I mean, people will say, `Oh, Kentucky you know’s got four NBA players.’ Yeah, well the other team’s got 13.”

    Van Gundy said the talent level, experience and age of the players would favor the NBA team, even one as bad as the Wizards (11-38).

    “Could anything happen on a one-night thing? I mean, I suppose, you have major upsets all the time. So maybe, but it’d be rare and in a series it’d be a joke,” Van Gundy said. “It wouldn’t be close. That’s just the way it is. John Calipari’s got a lot of talent, he does not have 13 NBA players. He just doesn’t. And even if those guys all are, they’re all NBA rookies. I mean, when has that ever been a success in the NBA? So no, they’re not going to win.”
  2. dacontinent

    dacontinent Preacher

    That is about as simple as the analysis can get.

  3. In_The_662

    In_The_662 Deeeeep In The Delta.....

    Yep... just like when people said that Alabama could beat the sorriest NFL team... Alabama is fast... but even the Colts and Jags are SUPER FAST compared to them. Destroyed will be the outcome
  4. MikeBigg

    MikeBigg Well-Known Member

    Whenever I hear those type comments I laff...especially football and basketball. Now in baseball, it's likely because a top collegiate pitcher and a few timely hits could get the "w".

    Football and Basketball is different because 1 dominant college player can be neutralized. My reasoning is "everyone on the pro team was good enuff to make the pros...the same can't be said of every kid on the college roster".
  5. Kendrick

    Kendrick Dr. Henny Boombatz Staff Member

    I agree with you about the baseball. A college pitcher could be just as good as a pro pitcher. And that would make all the difference in a one game situation. Plus, college teams have beaten pro teams during Spring Training.
  6. Devil's Gun Trigger Man

    Devil's Gun Trigger Man onward and upward son!

    whoever said they could beat an NBA team is an idiot
  7. SoloMan

    SoloMan Well-Known Member

    And just how much does Anthony Davis weight, he better start eating if he wants to have a NBA career.
  8. Kendrick

    Kendrick Dr. Henny Boombatz Staff Member

    Davis weighs 220. However, three years ago, he was 6-4. Now he's 6-10.
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  9. SoloMan

    SoloMan Well-Known Member

    Do you think he needs a little more weight for the NBA game?
  10. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Same thing I said about Jon Henson of North Carolina. Dude has been there 3 years with no weight on him. Davis at least looks like he can put on some weight and get stronger. Henson is thinner than Davis which is scary. The only thing saving some of these tall guys is the fact the NBA does not have a bunch of true centers. But I agree he needs more weight. Unless he develops some long range game which I doubt.
  11. Deuce

    Deuce Well-Known Member

    Judging by their performance, some would argue that the Wizards don't have 13 NBA players either. :lol:
  12. Kendrick

    Kendrick Dr. Henny Boombatz Staff Member

    Well, Davis is the projected No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. He'll need to put maybe 20 to 30 pounds over time.

    I think the average size for that position is between 6-8 and 6-10 with the average weight being 240 and 260. But once he declares, Davis will hook up with one of the best sports fitness trainers around and work on gaining weight and muscle.

    But I don't think his lack of weight will hurt him too much.
  13. Kendrick

    Kendrick Dr. Henny Boombatz Staff Member

    Davis more like a Marcus Camby type player with more athleticism.
  14. SoloMan

    SoloMan Well-Known Member

    Although Camby has been in the NBA a long you wouldn't know he's in the NBA until someone mention his name, like now.
  15. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    I think A Davis will be successful in the NBA. He has an in and decent outside game. I don't think he is finish growing and with his long arms he really has the span of a 7 footer. He must put on a little more weight with muscles. His frame has the capacity/potential to develop into a Dwight Howard. It will take work though. This guys upside (growth potential mentally and physically) is really great.
  16. EB

    EB Well-Known Member

    I agree with Stan Van Gundy.
  17. wahines

    wahines 1_gsufan

    Not as long as John Calipari’s is coaching them.
  18. pbla

    pbla Focus

    If all the players stayed 4 years that Calipari recruited..then he would have at least 10 or 12 NBA players Just think if Kentucky's last year class that went to the NBA were playing with this year's Kentucky freshmen class. Something to think about. But no Kentucky could not beat an NBA team.
  19. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    Now if you assembled the best college players from around the country to form a team, then maybe you would see a competitive game. I think a sport that college can beat pros would be in the baseball and softball sports. I have seen colleges beat the Spring teams of Pro teams, and Virginia Tech beat the USA women's olympic team a few years ago.
  20. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    He needs a little more muscle, because Patrick Young at Florida took him to the woodshed in the SEC Tournament. He will still be effective because Joakim Noah is built similar to him.
  21. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Here we go again with this bullshat. :smh:
    There is NO TEAM in the NCAA that could beat the NBA's worst teams. Kentucky could not beat new Orleans or the WIZZARDS. Them grown men in the NBA from the #1 player to the #15 bench player would tear Kentucky, Kansas, etc., a new azz hole. :lol:

    To be honest, this is not even the best Kentucky team in mordern history.........last 15 to 20 years. TUBBY had better teams than this Kentucky team simply because players stayed at least 2 years back then before they went to pro in mass like they do now after one year. :smh:
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