Biggest Whiners in Sports

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Dr. Mac, May 23, 2007.

  1. Dr. Mac

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  2. Blacknbengal

    Blacknbengal Active Member

    Tim Duncan

  3. O'Bladerunner

    O'Bladerunner And Down!

    On that's out of Sheed and Duncan for me.

    Honestly, I don't think you can beat an NBA player when it comes to whining.

  4. JayRob

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  5. SLT

    SLT New Member

    I know in the past, Bill Lambeer used to :whine: all the time.
  6. ToPdOg

    ToPdOg Active Member

    HAHAHA. Kobe Bryant is in 5th place. What a frickin crybaby, LOL. Rasheed is a big crybaby too.
  7. hornetboy01

    hornetboy01 Active Member

    I really like Spurrier as a college coach, but I think this guy needs to be near the very top of this list.:mrt:
  8. dacontinent

    dacontinent Preacher

    Nice try, but no.

    The list is bogus because it does not include the King of Whiners:


    He is one of the all-time great players of both college and NBA basketball. However, his whining to Mindy Rudolph is absolutely legendary.
  9. nut11thward

    nut11thward Dat Boy Rep Da G-Men

    NBA: Rasheed in this era; Laimbeer of the 90's
    College Football: Spurrier
    Nascar: Tony Stewart
    NFL: TO, Randy Moss
    MLB: Lou Pinellia, Bobby Cox (he stay arguing about something and getting tossed), Ozzie Gullien (sp?)

    I am sure there are more.
  10. D-NICE

    D-NICE Retired Milkman

    I wouldn't put Kobe on the list, because he doesn't whine, his fans got him coverd though.

    In basketball I would say as a player, it was definitely Danny Ainge, and I grew up a Celtic fan. Sheed is doing his thang though, and I'm surprised that Phil Jackson, and Pat Riley aren't on that list, since Mark Cuban is.

  11. jag4life

    jag4life Active Member

    None of them top John McEnroe overall though.
  12. Dr. Mac

    Dr. Mac Player

    I agree. And Jimmy Conners was a close second.

    I'm glad they got Coach K....He's classy, but he does whine. Rick Barry definitely belongs on it, too.


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