You can hear a 🐅 piss on cotton what happened


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Man, get yo lucky ass off this thread!!! Really wished Casey would have started against yall.


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After whippin' ya'lls behinds 8 straight times, about the only chance you have at this point is "luck" and "wishes". Maybe instead of hiring Coach Prime, you should have brought in this guy...


crazy thing is SUcks preseason said swac west champs .... and as per usual SUcks will be right on the couch with JSU with no Lcorn in sight .... now ain’t that some Tom foolery... this literally was y’all window shutting before y’all eyes for a championship and you just satisfied with what exactly? Lol hell at least when we tapped SUcks ass going 12-4 in 16 years over you miserable runner up chumps.... we had championships behind it.... this man boasting his chest about 8 straight with nothing to show for it... that’s the SU way over there though... This spring practice fool.... see y’all mitches come fall in ghetto Mumford...