World Music Awards


Whitney did a great job. Although she didn't hit those high notes like I am used to, but she's still got it. She looks healthier and looks like she is more at peace. She and Clive are back together again. If she sings more, she'll have more control over her breathing. I can't wait to hear that album.

Patti Looked good, but I don't like that song by Outkast. Patti's hair was looking tight! Wondering how much her weave cost...


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J4J and SU's Finest,

I didn't find a link of Patti's performance with Outkast. She looked alright but just seemed out of place with Big Boi. (I swear she looked like she was doing the Robot on their new song Ghetto Music)

However we did get to see a lot of the old Whitney back last night. Her voice did seem deeper and she played it safe with her range. You could tell she had been working hard. Oh yeah, and she didn't look like a crackhead. Maybe she was just relieved that Bobby's new reality show has been approved. There were a lot of other stars but I do think she pulled it off.

Here's some more Whitney links from Getty...