Woman on her death bed confessed about lynching she caused in the 1930s in Louisiana


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I could not watch all of it because I have memories of grandfather who told me that he witnessed his cousin being lynched when my grandfather was 5. That was in 1910 Emerson, Arkansas.

Another point my maternal great grand father who my mother’s maternal grandfather is white. He was run out of Haynesville because of his love for y grandmother’s mother who was black. So he lived in the black community of Pine Hill near Emerson. One night the “hanks” assaulted him and blinded him. “Hanks” were a reference to ghost who were white hence the KKK. My mom was telling me how they used to joke and play with him when they were kids because he was blind.

As I told my sons this is the type of BS our ancestors lived through so you have an obligation to get an education, vote, and make a difference.