Why You Should Completely Wipe Your Phone Every Few Months

Olde Hornet

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Would you do this?

Once every few months, I take my iPhone and go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings. I skip the offer to use a backup, or transfer data, and build from the factory settings. My friends think I’m masochistic. But hear me out.

Clearing out old apps or files, even if it’s just to re-download them, will help almost any device. But deleting is tedious. The trick is to do it all at once, with a clean wipe.

Your vital stuff will still be there. Modern cloud systems, as long as you have your password, will keep the stuff most of us really care about—your SIM card is your phone number, and as long as you have iCloud or Google Photos, copies of your photos and videos are safely stashed in a data center.


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Your device will definitely operate better and this gets unused crap off your phone that you forgot about