What's up TSPN?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by SONNY, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

    Been a long time since I've been back on the site.
    Just saying what's up to everyone and giving updates. I currently live in Washington DC (PGC, MD) and completing a dual MBA program with Bowie State and University of Maryland College Park. Im staying out of trouble and enjoying the East Coast.

    Hope everyone is having a great 2012 so far.

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  2. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    What's up man. Didn't know you left St. Louis.

  3. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

    Yeah I left in the Summer of 2011 (Last year).

    Im in Grad school and working. I miss the Lou but I love the East Coast.
  4. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    Son dog what up big pimpin...
  5. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Wat up team. You hitting LGG Mardi Gras?
  6. Dr. Phreeze

    Dr. Phreeze It is I...Yes it is...

    What up SONNY?! Good to hear that you are doing well.
  7. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    Hey, Sweetie! :wavey: Glad all is well your way! :tup:
  8. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    Excellent work, SON! :tup: :bowdown: :clap:
  9. kellis

    kellis SU Jags!!!

  10. JagGrad

    JagGrad Well-Known Member

    What up Homey? Glad youre doing well bro....

    My fam been trying to get me to move to DC/VA/MD area.. But I dont know if I could deal with the COLD!!
  11. SAME OLD G

    SAME OLD G A product of Greatness Staff Member

    Good to hear from you!
  12. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Thats great!!

    Keep rollin' forward. :tup:
  13. buckwheat

    buckwheat Well-Known Member

    Roo! We are going to have to get together and hang out when you have time.
  14. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

    When is it team?
  15. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Last weekend of the month.
  16. philharmonic

    philharmonic Living History!!!

    What's good! I was looking for you when I was in STL!
  17. PLOW DOG

    PLOW DOG Active Member


    ROO! 1 Time.

    For A Good Brother!
  18. SONNY

    SONNY The Future of Omega!!!!

    I love being out here and seeing new things. I stay bundled up in the winter but this year was a mild winter.
  19. Blacknbengal

    Blacknbengal Well-Known Member

    Sup Sonny! You still frying chicken on George Foreman grills?
  20. Jax

    Jax Equal Opportunity Asshole!

    What up Sonny T?
  21. Justin

    Justin Just an average brotha

    Wassup Frat.

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