What is dopamine fasting and why are people doing it?

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I little weird for me.

Feel like your brain is in need of a reboot? If you say that in front of someone who is hip to the latest wellness trends, they might suggest you go on a “dopamine fast."

It's a thing.

“Dopamine fasting” has become a mindfulness practice that has taken off in the last few weeks, about a year after Youtuber Improvement Pill published a video where he perhaps coined the term while describing his routine meant to “Get Your Life Back Together,” as the video title says.

That video has been viewed nearly 1.8 million times since it was published in November 2018. Since then, “dopamine fasting” has turned into a buzzy phrase that Silicon Valley tech professionals have used to label rules about semi-regularly avoiding social situations. It’s been the practice for which University of California, San Francisco Medical School professor and startup investor Dr. Cameron Sepah made a “definitive guide” that went viral this summer. And they're words that people including American Authors musician Dave Rublin use to describe self-care routines they’ve long been employing.