What happened to Luther Vandross backup singers?

Discussion in 'The Media Room' started by Dr. Tripp, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Dr. Tripp

    Dr. Tripp Active Member

    Luther Vandross had the best backup singers, Where are they now? I heard Jaheim hired Luther's band, is this true?
  2. DEBO

    DEBO Geaux Southern Jaguars!

    Good question! :read:
    I did a Googgle search and... :noidea:

  3. ABE

    ABE Running and Gunning

    I had not heard that.. but Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle, Brenda White-King, and Fonzi Thornton are some of his longtime background singers.
  4. northern tiger

    northern tiger Active Member

    That mark no she was FINE!!!!!!!!!. That "How Can I Ease the Pain" Video wasn't no joke. Her cd to me was cool.
  5. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    Luther probably paid them well, while they were with him. Hopefully, they managed their loot well, and ain't broke today.
  6. mighty hornet

    mighty hornet The HMIC!!

    You shole is right.

    Its strange what happened to her, cause she shole had the looks, body (legs ::cool:), and voice to have staying power as a solo artist, but.......
  7. XHALE9802


    that "How can i ease the pain" was da lick! i really wanted her to jump off, but she didn't.
  8. Dr. Tripp

    Dr. Tripp Active Member

    guess no one knows?
  9. bigtyme2

    bigtyme2 Well-Known Member

    I know Lisa Fischer sings backup for the Rolling Stones and Tom Jones.I don't know about the others?
  10. MACKG


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