What do you stand on, motivates you or keeps you going?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by CEE DOG, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that many of us in our race are not as spiritual as our fore fathers were. With that point being said, what do you guys stand on, motivates you or keeps you going? Please note folks this is not a bible scripture topic, but one to share different views. Although I stand on my views from faith, I am just interested in what you folks that have left the religious circle believe in. When things get rough, what do you stand on since you don't believe in spirituality?
  2. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    I stand on reason and the hope of a new begining everyday. Now granted, I have not experienced what other people have experienced. However, in this life, I know we will all have our troubles. Waking up and having the opportunity to make my day better than it was before keeps me going.

  3. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Some are spiritual but maybe not as religious, I think it is a difference. I know many people who believe in God but have come to reject organized religion.
  4. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    My faith in God keeps me. He's proven to me time and time again that He has my back. And whatever hardship I endure won't last always, and He gives me double for my trouble. Past experiences equip me to handle what's ahead.

    My son is my motivation, too. I want to make sure he has everything he needs and some of the things he wants.
  5. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    My faith in God is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane. It gives me hope.

    I also have a big chip on my shoulder. I constantly have need to prove myself. I have been that way since my incident on campus 7 years ago. I am trying to prove I can make it.
  6. Bane

    Bane The Vilian

    I must be honest, my faith in GOD is wavering big time. I'm not saying that I'm about to become an Atheist, but dang, can I finally move up in this world instead of watching and celebrating with others. I have dotted all my I's and crossed all my T's, but I'm still having problems making it to that next level.

    I will say that my son keeps me motivated and going. I got to make sure he does not go through the things that I have and will have every resource avalaible to succeed.
  7. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    I feel what you're saying, but in the defense of religion, it is not a guarantee of success or failure. I think someone just haven't received their due.
  8. CEE DOG

    CEE DOG Well-Known Member

    You guys are sharing some good views. I think part of the problem in our community is we don't discuss stuff like this. Topics like this is needed to get insight and have open minds. Keep it coming folks.
  9. SU Jag 79

    SU Jag 79 Jaguar ALUM

    I believe that God has a plan for me. I don't know the plan, but I'm willing to let him work me into position for it.

    Example: I never thought I would move away from Baton Rouge .... I love this place, but my job is moving outside Atlanta. I have put in applications around BR, but nothing has hit. My fiancee wants to go to ATL ... I firmly believe that God is pointing me there for some reason.

    He hasn't steered me wrong yet so that's what I stand on. I'm 33, black, male, and I've never been to jail, never did a dot of drugs, and have no diseases .... in BR today, that's unfortunately rare. I know I couldn't have gotten to this point without him.
  10. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    Styles, I have those moments too man. Then, sometimes I will get a break through and I can almost hear God say, patience young grasshopper, you are only 27 years old, you have time to conquer the world.
  11. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    Getting shot in the ass will give you a new outlook on life, huh? :lol:

    To the question, I'm neither as religious nor as spiritual as I should be. Like others, I'm very skeptical of organized religion.

    However, I do believe in what I call fundamental truth. I believe that some things are true no matter what we think about them or how we feel about them. Or even if we believe in them or not.

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life - John 14:6 KJV​

    What sustains me is a belief and faith in the truth - or The Truth - however you perceive it. A search for the truth. Despite my faults and flaws, hopefully I can be reconciled with what is true.

    That is what sustains me.
  12. Warndalyn

    Warndalyn Postmaster General!!!

    My faith, my son and my very supportive family!
  13. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    I didn't get shot but seeing everything you worked so hard for almost crumbled overnight will give you a new outlook on life. That was also my transformation into an angry black man.
  14. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    This is almost exactly the way I feel right now.
  15. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    It's good that you're honest about you're feeling. Been there. Been angry with God, too. But what I have learned in those times is that when we're lost or can't figure out why others are moving up while we're at a standstill is the time to seek God all the more. I believe He has plans for us all. It's up to us to seek Him and find those things. When we keep bumping our heads, it could be a sign that He's trying to steer us in a different direction that's better. I'm currently at that point where I'm trying to figure out His plans for my life, so I can MOVE.

    Prayers does indeed work. BUT you gotta be ready and open to receive what He has to say concerning your life. Sometimes we box God in and only trust him when things work the way WE want them to and not when He has another plan that we can't foresee. When doubt hits in, that's the time to draw closer to God- not to move further away. In the end, you'll be glad you did. Just hold on.
  16. str8brave

    str8brave "Da Scorpio"

    God's promises. My faith is in what HE says. What movitates me is knowing that he is not a man that he should lie, so I can take what he says to the "bank." What keeps me going is knowing that if I continue to trust him, even though times get rough, he will work things out for me.
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  17. Tony

    Tony __________

    welp CEE, from the looks of these post, seems to me, all we got is GOD.

    good thing GOD is all we need.
  18. J C

    J C Well-Known Member

    Love. Faith. Life. Family
  19. str8brave

    str8brave "Da Scorpio"

    Yeah, because people will fail you 99.9 % of the time..
  20. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

  21. str8brave

    str8brave "Da Scorpio"

    Thanks..lol I really meant to put that...
  22. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    My family. My ancestry/dna. It's always motivated me.

    I <b>vividly</b> recall quite a few of the conversations w/ my maternal great-grandfather. His stories... all he endured during the late <b>1800s</b> :read: (104+ according to those records the SSN-related folx tried to recant but he said he saw over 115 winters :read: ), how things changed for him, why he walked a lot and ate perch everyday over an open fire cooked in a cast iron skillet while drinking a budweiser every single day... his hands knarled up from picking cotton for 11cents per day, all that. THAT was my motivation. My maternal grandparents... their stories, like my great-grands. My aunts/uncles... their stories, like my great-grands. All that. THAT is what I based my own existence on and also was the foundation for me to excel, compete, and complete everything successfully in every facet. It was all for them. I was the manifestation of all of them.
  23. 96lioness

    96lioness THE LIONESS!!!

    My faith in God and my belief in Jesus is what I stand on; it's what keeps me going......the source of my strength, my joy, my light, my hope, my salvation, my keeper. He has always been there for me and has been so very good to me.

    My daughters motivate me and keep me going as well. They are my heart and my breath. I work hard for them so they can have the same opportunities (or better) I was blessed to have.
  24. JagHammer

    JagHammer Senior Troll

    Best answer I read today. :lol:
  25. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhh JH, I didn't know who "God" was @ age 3-5 and for damned sure wasn't thinking about a funky wife @ that age either - up to this very second on the wifey deal lol... but I can damned for sure tell you who Ollie Sr was. :| His eyes, his grey hair, his rough hands, his arthretic knuckles, his lil' skinny legs lol, his height, his weight, what he smelled like as he only used lye soap :read: - non perfume :read:, his clothes he wore (I still wear a pair of his shoes from the 1920s that I recently had re-soled), how phonetic his voice was, some of those old knee-grow songs - a few - I can still recant and sang from time to time when I do physical labor about the properties, how he spoke of being taken from his mother as a pre-teen and never knowing who his father was :(, having a noose around his neck twice, being held down by numerous white men to be castrated stripped naked as a teenager because those in "town" thought he was looking @ a white woman, having to travel on a train from town to town that were only 30 miles or so apart, ... all that. THAT is what motivate(s/d) me. I wasn't born or lived a majority of my life w/ a "wife" in mind so I could never EVER give any accolades to any one of those things. The truth hurts me. lol

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