What Did I Say about HIV Anti Viral Meds Helping COVID 19

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A pill to treat Covid-19: 'We're talking about a return to, maybe, normal life'

I mentioned this months ago. When people die from AIDS they have the same exact symptoms as COVID19 but it cannot be transmitted. HIV is a virus that requires a host but can’t be spread through the air because oxygen kills it. I’m glad doctors are finally using this research.


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Eh, it's less effective than the vaccines and it's really only good if you take it right when you get it.


I got Pfizer in my portfolio.
I'm going to buy some moderna. got sell off a little bit of other things that haven't been performing. now, I do own a couple of gene therapy stocks that I've researched b/c of of my kids sickle cell. I own some crisper, beam therapeutics & another co. call global blood that makes a sickle cell drug that's just getting rolling. works really well for my kids.