Valley halftime shows 2018


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The Amazing Grace sounded great for such a small band. They sound pretty OK just a few brass players are unsure. They could be really REALLY good if they build from the sound they have on Amazing Grace and Torture. Work on tone quality in all sections. Get power through using wind and lip slurs in a warm-up. If they do that, their sound will be much better than most of their competition. Period.

Now the big stuff: drills. Take a page from TAMU drill book for out of the box stuff . Also work on snapping to the line. Put more work into uniformity and recruit for balance. Fill spots, don't just look for numbers. Do that and I guarantee Valley will be a serious black powerhouse for music. What you have now sounds good. Encourage it and grow it.

I would also advise to get music intensive and focus on that rich blues and jazz tradition in that region within all wind ensembles in the music department. Don't just leave it to the music industry to do it. Add an educational slice to it.