Transexual or Real Woman: How can you tell?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by jstate83, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    I was watching MANSERS on SPIKE the other night and they answered the question on how you can tell a real woman from a transexual no matter how good the cosmetic surgery is. According to the experts, SURGENS, there is only one way to tell for sure.

    It's not the THROAT.........That can be shaved.
    It's not the feet...............Women have big feet too.
    It's not the voice..............Hormone shots can raise the voice pitch.

    According to the experts, the only thing that cannot be changed through surgery is the FINGERS. They said that you can tell by looking at the RING and INDEX FINGERS.
    A MANS INDEX FINGER is longer than his RING finger.
    A WOMANS INDEX FINGER is shorter than her RING finger
    (99% or better)..........according to the experts.

    So men and women, look at those two digits and post if it's true.
    The SWACPAGE CSI want to know for sure in a wide ranging survey.

    Ole JSTATE83, Staggalee83, JSU83, PLAYERS index finger is way longer than my ring finger on both hands so I'm ALL MAAAAAAAAAN PEOPLE. :lmao:
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  2. JaguarNation99

    JaguarNation99 That's Dr. JN99 to you...

    You got it backwards. For men, the ring finger is generally longer. For women, they usually about the same length or the ring finger is shorter.

  3. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    So ... he's actually all woman?

  4. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    NOPE............If anybody got it wrong it's MANSWERS.
    I watched it 2 times and asked every guy that came to my house. All had long azz index fingers SOOOOOOOOOOO according to them, somebody need to check themselves and it's not me. :lol:

    Ole Stagga-Players don't make the news, I just report whats being said. :lmao:
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  5. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    Maybe you don't understand the difference between index fingers and ring fingers.

    Or you and all of your friends are homosexual.

    Ring finger vs. Index finger comparision
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  6. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Like I said, maybe YOU and all your friends know what it's like to feel it going up the tail pipe. :goof:

    Again...........I don't make the news, I just report whats being said. Take it up with SPIKE TV. :lol:
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  7. SUJagFan

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  8. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Oh lawd.
    leave it up to a SU poster to turn this fun SPIKE TV post into a GAY thread. :lol:
    Is this really that serious to you. :lmao:
  9. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member


    You're the who claimed that you and all of your friends have long index fingers.


    Is this your way of coming out the closet?

  10. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Guess it is..............:goof:
    Guess the rainbow sigs will be making a comeback. :lol:

    But to make you "happy" because I know how you love GAY smack, didn't it say USUALLY SHORTER and not ALWAYS SHORTER. LAWD...........:lol:
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  11. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    Stop being butt hurt, dude.

    I didn't call you and all your friends gay. You did. All of y'all have LOOOOOOONG index fingers. That's what you said.

    Just admit that you're a typical clueless JSU guy and I'll let you save face. :lol:
  12. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Dude. :lol:
    I'm laughing at you trying so hard.
    You the one that don't even understand the word USUALLY that YOU POSTED.

    I don't care one way or another. This line of smack is nothing different than what you do on the SMACK Page and you love gay smack. That has been proven. You done took a simple JOKE thread and act like its a scientific fact with your usual Homo, gay this, gay that smack. That is why people don't respond to you over there either. :lmao:
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  13. SUJagFan

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  14. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Thats better..................:lmao:
  15. Blacknbengal

    Blacknbengal Well-Known Member

    I think that's backwards. My ring finger is longer than my index and my wife's index is longer than her ring finger.
  16. chocalate_topaz

    chocalate_topaz I wanna be your lover...

    My ring is longer than my index...what that mean? Damn, I gay or straight?? :confused: Yeah right! :lmao:
  17. jstate83

    jstate83 GOAT FARM!

    Like I said...............take it up with MANSERS.
    Never posted that I was the expert. Just wanted to know if it was true or not. I'm just a member of the SWACPAGE CSI. :lol:
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  18. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    That's the case with me.
  19. Tony

    Tony __________

    what if all your fingers are the same length?

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