Top Ten HBCU Endowments

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    2011′s Top 10 HBCU Endowments
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    2011′s Top HBCU Endowments

    You’ll notice some schools missing from the 2010 list. This is a result of not responding to NACUBO’s survey in time for its publishing and not so much them dropping out of the top 10 by actual value. Even with that we see a $200 million increase in the top 10 list from 2010. A number that must be vastly improved to say the least (The Standford Challenge raised $6.2 billion over 5 years which is 4 times the size of our top 10 endowments combined over 100 plus years). A good sign is the 2011 list comprises five schools in the $100 million plus club versus only three from 2010. Make sure you know your HBCU’s endowment even if its not in the top 10. This is information you can request from your administration’s Chief Financial Officer. And as always if you don’t see your school here – INVEST.

    Endowment (in millions) l Investment Return %

    1. Howard University

    $539,316 l 17.3%

    2. Spelman College

    $326,929 l 10.7%

    3. Hampton University

    $240,014 l 12.8%

    4. Florida A&M University

    $111,516 l 16.0%

    5. Meharry Medical College

    $107,529 l 18.6%

    6. Morehouse School of Medicine

    $72,916 l 15.8%

    7. Bethune Cookman University

    $42,487 l 24.8%

    8. Tennessee State University

    $38,130 l 22.2%

    9. Texas Southern University

    $36,194 l 19.7%

    10. Winston-Salem State University

    $25,323 l 16.6%

    Take a look at how an endowment works. Not only scholarships but research, recruiting talented faculty & students, faculty salaries, and a host of other things can be paid for through a strong endowment. It ultimately is the lifeblood of a college or university.

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    2009 Endowments for HBCU

    Howard University $404,081,071 (down from $550 million in 2008)

    Spelman College $284,705,503 (down from $340,260,973 in 2007)

    Hampton University $193,534,107 (down from $257 million in 2007)

    Morehouse College $104,874,113 (down from $150 million in 2007)

    Xavier University of Louisiana $92,693,948

    Florida A&M University $79,068,672 (down from $87,770,000 in 2008)

    Tuskegee University $75,587,796 (down from $102 million in 2007)

    Prairie View A&M University $45,849,327

    Johnson C. Smith University $37,154,397 (down from $53 million in 2008)

    Clark Atlanta University $35,742,483 (down from $44,282,780 in 2008)

    Dillard University $32,540,970

    Bethune-Cookman University $30,366,485 (down from $42.9 million in 2007)

    Texas Southern University $29,117,378

    Rust College $23,721,925

    Lincoln University (PA) $23,000,000

    North Carolina A&T State University $20,951,880 (up from $18,218,099 in 2007)

    Virginia State University $18,372,052

    Delaware State University $15,767,318

    Stillman College $15,570,438

    Winston-Salem State University $15,335,816

    St. Augustine's College $15,168,760

    Claflin University $14,945,520

    North Carolina Central University $14,342,786

    University of Maryland--Eastern Shore $14,225,901

    LeMoyne-Owen College $12,235,293

    Fisk University $12,141,741

    Fayetteville State University $12,111,665

    Jarvis Christian College $11,753,703

    Shaw University $9,000,000

    Bennett College $8,756,382

    Kentucky State University $8,047,554

    Tougaloo College $8,021,483

    Paine College $7,723,660

    Alcorn State University $5,877,178

    Wiley College $5,802,366

    Grambling State University $5,408,225

    Bluefield State College $5,063,400

    South Carolina State University $5,052,804

    Fort Valley State University $4,464,438

    St. Paul's College $4,289,772

    Southern University--New Orleans $3,867,059

    Bowie State University $3,712,128

    Savannah State University $3,366,176

    Elizabeth City State University $2,944,438

    Lane College $1,981,168

    University of Arkansas--Pine Bluff $1,561,125

    Morgan State University $1,345,835

    Livingstone College $1,300,311

    Mississippi Valley State University $1,186,492

    Allen University $307,322

    Alabama A&M University $306,361

    Sources: US News & World Report, The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education


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    Yeah, this sounds like PV:rolleyes:

    PV has historically had the second highest endowment (behind FAMU) amongst the public HBCUs.

    The Texas HBCUs seem to be in alot better shape than I thought. Who knew that Wiley and Jarvis Christian had higher endowments than Grambling, Alcorn,Valley,UAPB,etc? AAMU's numbers are pathetic.
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    I don't believe these figures are accurate. Since 1995 the state of Alabama has matched all contributions made to Bama State and A&M. See Knight v AL.
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    But is that money going into an endowment or is it used as an unrestricted donation?
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    Stating the obvious, these endowments are very low for colleges/universities that have been around for over a 100 years particularly for everyone below the top 5.
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