Top 10 Cities With Highest Murder Rate

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  2. JayRob

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    I always knew them folks in Louisiana was crazy as hell.:smh:

  3. SUtrp96


    folks from Louisiana was crazy as hell

    Seems like somebody is dumb as hell
  4. players

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    If the court's in Jackson would stop letting 20 time loser's post bond, our's would go down like air comming out of a ballon cause it is the same "clicks" from the same areas in this city causing pure hell for regular people.:shame:

    The surrounding counties hand out bail orders of $250,000 to $1 million like they giving away candy.
    Hinds county rountinely set low bond's no matter what.
    These fool's be out before the arresting officer is back patrolling his beat.:(

    Only in the last month have I seen the court's in Hinds county say to a defendant acused of this "No Bond".
    Nobody can blame JPD when they arrest the same mofo 20 times and they keep releasing them on bond to keep the cycle flowing.
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  5. LS Syndicate

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    Jackson has been a lot worse in the past. And I thought the number of murders was in the 70's for 2008?
  6. players

    players Banned

    It went up some from 2007.
    I think that Castle Doctrine and carry law chilled out the most of the wanna-be break in artist cause home burglery used to be off the chain.

    These killings are mostly one on one crime that can't be stopped.
    The last 3 killing's in Jackson happened over petty arguments.:shame:
  7. SUtrp96


    That's New Orleans main problem... most of the murders..(like 98% of them) are drug related....People will not testify against these kids... So it's basically street law in these streets.. Can't keep a murderer in jail if no eye witness will testify.. And our police department must not be to hot if they are never able to link these criminals to the evidence on the scene...

    But again I blame shows like "First 48" because these lil killers watch that show... I hear em in the shop getting their hair cut talking about it... They know what to do and what not to do.. and when the police catch them what to say and what not to say, no matter how much the detectives pressure them....
  8. jsupop33

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    I agree Players, Jackson needs to lay the hammer down...

    I don't know what it will take to fix NOLA. Cats down there have a different mindset. I think a lot of that deals with the broken school system. :smh: Politics play to big of a role in the education system. Don't get me started on the charter schools. Basically, the people running NOLA schools want to train the students to work in the tourism industry so they can service the local economy while the kids in Mandeville are preparing to be doctors and lawyers. It is the closest thing to facism that I ever seen in this country. I loved living in New Orleans and would go back if the opportunity presented itself but I have never been in a city with such a low regard for human life by certain groups of people.
  9. SUtrp96


    Most of all the problems you see with most of these bad ass kids goes back to drugs... Their mothers date drug dealers.... They never met their father because he was a drug dealer... It's an endless cycle....

    I know some of the most educated females at some of the best schools in New Orleans ends up having kids for drug-dealers...The only way to correct that, is for "our" people to recognize it.. A lot of folk think it's a non-issue and it's just a phase for girls to want "bad-boys"... These lil chicks are getting killed by these "bad-boys" now.... It's truly sad... The mind-sets of most of them are indescribable...
  10. Journalist

    Journalist Listen up maggots! And that's an order!

    Mane...the gap between NOLA and St. Tammany (especially the achievement gap) is wider than Lake Pontchartrain. Not even the causeway could get across that divide.

    I totally agree with your post.
  11. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    I noticed that too. It is saddening. These girls are ending up shot in cars, and the babies are being kidnapped. Even in the used-to-be stable neighborhoods. It is sad to see what New Orleans East has become. I want to buy a house in Eastover one day
  12. SUtrp96


    The East used to be REAL NICE!!!

    The East used to be majority white in the 70's and became mixed in the late 70's when my parents bought their first house over on READ BLVD.. I say around 92-93 is when the East started crumling... Section 8 brought the east to it's knees..... Ran all of the businesses out of the PLAZA MALL over on READ BLVD.. White's left and went to the North Shore... The poor white went to Chalmette...

    Before Katrina I was about to purchase a LOT in the 3rd phase of Eastover.... You can get a house in EASTOVER pretty cheap right now.. you would have to put a lil money in it to fix it back up to standards of course... But definitely a wise investment right now... IF the EAST don't flood like that no more... And personally I don't think it will... The EAST never flooded like that... The Levee failure was definitely the cause of that...

    But I may be in there one of these days if I don't find another spot I like better, ready to get off of the West Bank...
  13. Bane

    Bane The Vilian

    The sad thing about this is the NOLA population is still way down compared to pre Katrina.
  14. jsupop33

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    When I left, the report was 85% pre-katrina population.. It is not so much the population is not returning, it is what parts of the population is returning. Working the campaign last year allowed me to really get out and meet the community in the city. I stayed in Kenner for my first 9 months in the city, and I moved to the 7th Ward for my last three months. I had way more fun in the 7th ward than I did in suburbs. My apartment complex was also used as Dillard's nursing school...

    Jared, what is the status with Suno getting their buildings back.
  15. SUtrp96


    I rode pass there last weekend.. The newer building pree Katrina seems to be fully running.. They still have some trailers but they are in there doing construction....Now SUNO didn't have many building to begin with... I think the project they are more concerned about right now is the domitory project being the money was approved for that...

    SUNO get the bad end of every deal in this city.. which is a shame, but it's obvious as to WHY.... UNO right down the street and was up and running dayum near right after they let folks back in the dayum
  16. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    that is messed up.. SUNO has done a lot for the city. They got fine dark skinned sisters on that campus...

    I got to spend a lot of time at Xavier, Dillard, SUNO, and Delgado last year. I really didn’t touch Tulane or UNO… Walking around Xavier made me wish that I was back in undergrad…After, I nail a few years of experience down in the federal sector, I am headed back to either New Orleans or the Mississippi Gulf Coast..
  17. SUtrp96


    Everytime I pass around Xavier I wish I was 5 years
  18. JROCK

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    I know what you all speak of when referring to Eastern New Orleans. I lived in the East for about 10 years. When I first moved in that area, I was on top of the world and felt very proud. I remember when section 8 started moving in and the east decline begin.........You talking about "from sugar to shat." :lol: :emlaugh:

    "Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans......" :bawling: :bawling: :lol: :emlaugh:
  19. 2Dirty

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    Only 174,000 people live in Jackson? Wow! It would only be the 4th largest city in ALABAMA. Close to the 5th.

    ROYAL BLUE New Member

    You have to go to conservative cities to find better justice when it comes to murder; cities like Madison, Ms.......look at how they govern compared to Jackson. They are organized and strict in what they do.....

    I've found the country to be the best living in reference to terrible crimes such as murder, theft/break-ins, drugs, and etc.

    Have you ever noticed that conservative communities prosper more than liberal communities? I came to Jackson last week for a family reunion, and was amazed at what I saw in Madison on both sides of I-55 north. Things will really take off when they complete Harbor-Walk..... (Video)
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  21. JSU/99

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    Affluent and suburban communities are the ones that tend to prosper. Has nothing to do with political leanings. You need to branch out of the South.
  22. jsupop33

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    There are plenty of Liberal communities blossoming on the east coast. Have you ever heard of Arlington County.
  23. J-State Tiger

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    Maybe Master P is comitting the murders. Richmond, CA to New Orleans

    ROYAL BLUE New Member

    Take a very close look at the urban tax roll/law compared to the suburban tax roll/law, and you'll see conservatism written in suburban tax law. Conservatives believe in strict laws and less taxes, and this why they create suburban communities; to get away from liberal local governments that enjoy taxing the rich. This is smart because you create your own way of living, and don't have to worry a great deal about stupid decisions being made that negatively effect the entire community. What's funny is rich liberals benefit in these low tax suburban communities instead of living in the community they increased the tax on. How can you believe in community tax increase and reside in a low tax community?
  25. Bane

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    Man get out of here with this BS. I live in VA and Northern VA, which is the suburbs of DC, is straight liberal. Hell Fairfax county is one of the richest in the Nation. That's the main reason why the Dems have taken control of VA. Those places prosper because of the abundance of tax revenue from the highly paid people that live there. That's the case with every nice suburb, city, or town. Those places don't have nice neighborhoods, parks, schools, stores, or YMCAs because of minimum wage workers. Those places have people that make nice salaries, so they are able to afford all those things.

    And speaking of low taxes, isn't the governor of MS considering some kind of tobacco tax on cigarettes? What's up with that?

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