This lady is desperate for a man

Da Sleeper

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A lot of women feel like this on the inside, they are just too arrogant to admit it.
No husband = Working paying 100 of all your own expenses for a lifetime.

I have a Aunt 55y/o every time I see her she complaining about how quick that mortgage payment rolls around, and how men her age don't want to date women her age. I aske her if she remembers all the guys she said were too short, too tall, too dark skinned, too light skinned, too fat, too skinny, didn't make enough money, made too much money and thought he was all that. Her comment back,..."Nephew, I ain't worried about none of that any more. As long as he works, retired with a pension, or Social Security and can pay his own way! 🤣 😂

It's crazy how many women never marry especially in the Black American Community (3 out of 4 / 75%).
We ask sista's what they are so mad about, for so many here you have it.