This is sad...and I am pissed!


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How in the hell did I only win 2 awards? I was supposed to repeat 3peat! This is sad. I lost best rivalry and best small talk post to some internet drama. You people are so messy its a crying shame! You voted for some drama as best small talk post, Over my infamous "Questions" threads.....see if I ever try and give you people something else to talk about! You are pathetic!

And how dare you vote Blublood as newcomer on small talk. She has never posted anything of substance. I mean for her to win over my frat brother is a travesty! SweetNUPE deserved that award. I think their was a fix involved here. Kenn Rahshad and that reunion voting dude...I want some answers and I want them now.

I'm bout to call my lawyer.......{where is that listing for G. C. Mangrum}


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Re: Suge is going to sue ...

Originally posted by Vinita
And his lawyer is going to be JST!

:fell out:

Sounds good to me.. better get him on retainer while he is cheap....


LMAO... I had already said that the "drama" was nothing to be proud of or voted for, but someone nominated...and plenty voted.

I did not even vote.

JST being the attorney! .... Must be Pro-Bono...err beauno... errrrr FREE! :D :D :D :falling out with Nita:


The Phat Mack
And to top that off...

The Dawgpound is best smack organization? The dog pound...aww hell naw! How is the hell did that happen!

I think I may need to get JSTUS in on this too. I would hire robber...but he in cahoots with the reunion!

I want Justice and I want it NOW!!

Where is that thread about peopl you want to fight when you see them!

I need to add
Reunion Voters!
Fiyah..yeaj i know you are that Nominations guy!


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Can someone get this
baby a pacifier?


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I got ya back Suge...I don't mind not winning personally (thanks for the nomination), but I'm PIZZED that the Cartel was conspired against in every other way. I know Kenn was trying to be condescending and all, but Dayum Bruh!

Anyway, next time I'm coming and I'm wearing my Gold Boots to Kick Arse if WE get ufcked over again!

Let me go put some aloe vera on my face from these "HOT SCALDING TEARS"!!!!:redhot: :redhot: :redhot:


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You might want to do a spellcheck on your signature...If not, please give me a call (We need to

Small Talk's Newcumer of the Year 2001!!!


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Further proof of a rigging!

How can someone be named newcomer of the year smacking..and still be voted into the hall of fame?

If that was the case...I should have made the hall last year!

The fix was on!