Third date rule


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Do you know what the third date rule is? Let me tell you of you don't. The third date rule means smash time. If you ain't hit it on the third date either she ain't feeling you or your game is well weak. Just saying.

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CeeDog before I was married I lived off of the following:

Pretty Feet: we going on about 5 dates cause I gots to see dem feets in various heels just say that I know which ones she has to wear on the night of the 6th date.

Ugly Feet: 1 date rule and I never call back

Man one of my best relationships outside of the one where I married my wife was with a chick who was 200 plus pounds with pretty feet. Man could she strut in some heels. That was a 2 date rule. She was a grown woman and she said she wanted some. Funny thing is she paid for the second date and the hotel room. I’m thinking she going to my house...naw she done booked the room.

Wait what were we taking about again?